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Richard Johnson is an academic and a powerhouse in the worlds of ultra running and fitness (nominated for the judge all they way back in 2015!). Richard has competed as an All-American in the treadmill running world record challenge, is an American record holder in Weight Pentathlon and has competed in the Highland Games and Olympic lifting. He is a full-time review writer, an online instructor for fitness studies at Columbia College in Missouri and conducts lectures and workshops on a weekly basis. He toured the Middle East as a Fulbright Scholar studying the basics of fitness and track running education programs. You find Richard Johnson on Twitter, Insta, Tumblr, Flickr.

Garry Miller @ Twitter.

Tom Ferguson founded and directs the Treadmill Watch Institute (2018), which is a web-based training program dedicated to teaching laypeople and healthcare professionals worldwide about preventive medicine using a biomechanical running model. Tom has written and reviewed multiple fitness and free running books exploring the relationships between disease, movement and cultural habits. He maintains his own blog titled Treadmill Watch and created and stars in his Aligned Running and Well DVD titles. You can follow Tom on Twitter, Pin, Insta, Flickr.

As the co-founder of Treadmill Consumers, a company specializing in track and field running, jumping and throwing services and products, Steven Brown is recognized worldwide as a leader in training champions in the Cross Fit Games, world championships and Olympics. He went to work in human running dynamics after earning a Bachelor of Science degree from Georgia Tech in Aerospace Engineering as well as an MS degree from MIT in Aeronautics and Astronautics (review made of stone). He enjoys training with his family, running on his treadmills, equine sports and road running. You can follow Steven on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Flickr.

Our newest addition to the judge, Steve Frazier, frequently referred to as “Elliptical” Steve, can be found here, here, here and here.

Coach Jay Johnson can be found here.

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The Press Fellowship Compare The Sole F85 To The TT8 Treadmill

This is the latest Press fellowships for sport journalism treadmill comparison for Athletes, we compare the Sole F85 treadmill with the Sole TT8 Light Commercial Non-Folding Treadmill. Sole Fitness is one of the foremost brands in the treadmill industry, and it makes it a point to provide products to vivid athletes as well as beginners. Many of which come with numerous features and specifications that effectively put them in a class of their own. The Sole F85 and Sole TT8 are excellent instances of the first-string products this firm has to offer, and this article is designed to contrast them. In an attempt to enable the readers to identify just which product is ideal for their exact requirements and preferences. To this end, you may like to think of this article as a Sole F85 treadmill versus the Sole TT8 treadmill review.

sole f85

sole tt8 treadmill

Well without further ado let us get directly to it.

The Sole F85 & Sole TT8 Light Commercial Treadmill Motors

Both of these treadmills (the Sole TT8 treadmill as well as the F85) are powered by 4.0 hp motors, which provide for top rate output and reliable performance.

Despite of this fact the TT8 teadmill goes a step further by integrating a 10 pounds flywheel that offers a smooth as well as consistent power output. It also comes with a built in cooling system, which facilitates for prolonged utilization. Whether it is by different users or one that wishes to execute long runs workouts.

This handy feature effectually prevents the TT8 motor from overheating as would be the case if it didn’t have this cooling system.

The Sole F85 Treadmill And TT8 Running Decks Compared

Both the Sole F85 treadmill and Sole TT8 feature the longest and widest running deck that this firm currently offers, which is 60” X 22”.

sole f85 treadmill belt 1

sole f85 treadmill belt 2

sole f85 treadmill belt 3

sole f85 treadmill belt 4

The F85 treadmill comes with a low noise cushion flex shock-absorption deck, while the TT8 features a perma flex deck that has 3” crown rollers and also integrates the cushion flex technology. According to this review[**], the major difference between these two running deck is their distinct belts. The TT8 integrates a four ply belt compared to the two ply belt found on the Sole Fitness F85 treadmill. This certainly means that the former can last for a much longer period of time than the latter. Further, the TT8’s running surface has been manufactured in a similar manner as the soles of running shoes.

This goes a long way in guaranteeing optimal safety and comfort to its user.

Workout Programs, Speed and Maximum Weight

When it comes to the exact number of workout programs that you can access, the Sole TT8 still has the upper hand.

This treadmill comes equipped with ten programs, two of which are totally customizable. While the F85 features eight built in exercise programs, two of which are also customizable. However, this product has two different heart control programs, and it can automatically evaluate the ideal target range totally based on a user’s distinct age. As for speed, both these exercise machines can provide a maximum running speed of twelve miles per hour. The Sole #5 and Sole #8 can also comfortably accommodate users with a weight of up to 400 pounds.

User Friendliness

This comparison between the Sole F85 treadmill and the Sole TT8 Light Commercial treadmill would definitely be incomplete if it did not touch on the exact on the exact user friendliness of these two exceptional products.

The Sole TT8 treadmill comes with a 9” , six window dot matrix screen that is in an excellent position to display all the necessary data you might be interested in while working out. This includes heart rate, calories burned , speed, pace and even the exact distance you have run. The Sole F85 Comes with a 9” LCD screen that features a handy message board that facilitates for convenient deciphering of instructions along with feedback.

Additional Features Of The Sole F85 Treadmill and The Sole TT8 Light Commercial Treadmill

As would be expected both of these treadmills also offer several additional features that can significantly enhance your exercise regimen.

To begin with, both of them come with a 15 level incline functionality, which presents several options when it comes to interval training. Their whole package also includes wireless heart rate monitoring chest straps together with pulse grip sensors that are located at their arm rests. The Sole F85 and Sole TT8 also feature built in cooling fans to enable the user to keep cool when working out . Both of them come with integrated speakers, a headphone jack and are seamlessly compatible with MP3 layers and also iPods. Nevertheless, when it comes to storage the F85 has the upper hand as it is foldable, while the TT8 is not.

Finally, both of these treadmills carry lifetime warranties on their frames, motors and decks. While their electronics carry a 5 year warranty (for both the Sole F85 treadmill and the Sole TT8 Light Commercial treadmill).

Sports Journalism & Press Fellowships review references:

Athletes and Sportsmen Duped by the Master Cleanse

The press fellowship for sport and fitness journalism takes closer looks at the disputed detox practice called the master cleanse. Many sport and fitness related websites has articles where references to the some kind of detox program is made, in many cases the program mentioned is the master cleanse, aka the lemonade diet. In this article we take a closer look at the purpose, evidence of effectiveness, risk and cost involved.

250 master cleanse lemons

Do these kinds of practices really offer any kind of benefits for athletes or are they a waste of time and money. Could it be that they even are detrimental to sport performance?

The whole idea with the instructions and directions from advocates of detox is that the body, over many years, accumulates different toxins. To maximize performance, wellbeing and body functions the saying is that we need to get rid of these toxins. But how? First, the idea of detox is not new, the master cleanse instructions using lemonades are new, but the human race has for thousands of years experimenting with different practices that aim to rid the body of perceived waste and toxins.

The Equivocal Tradition of Detox With the Master Cleanse

The master cleanse story starts all the way back in the 1940’s. Stanley Burroughs was the so called inventor and the first person to give instructions and directions regarding the use of lemons for detox (the main ingredients are lemon and maple syrup). The goal was to elevate high performance individuals to even greater levels by promoting weight loss and getting rid of bad chemicals that the body had unwillingly stored. Salt water flush was later introduced to the program as a way to further improve the results. In modern times Beyonce has probably been the most famous propagator of the master cleanse. Her reviews have spurred many followers and advocates of this practice.

Now, the evidence for the claimed results are very weak, there is little to no scientific findings that support the idea of toxic build ups in our bodies (at least that a detox can help eradicate). Still there is plenty of reviews from people that have achieved weight loss by following the master cleanse directions. If this is due to the extreme low calorie nature of the master cleanse diet, or due to eradication of body toxins, we leave as an exercise for our avid press fellowship readers to figure out.